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tv   News  ABC  October 5, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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better plan for good weather. >> i imagine it's better than the record theater. good morning to you. it's little chilly this morning. and as we work on the gossip column, we are talking about some records here that are continuing to pile up for the year of 2010. a record lomax temperature at bwi. we only made it to 54 in the afternoon. it was briefly there tying the coolest afternoon set in 1998. we do have a slow warming trend for the rest of the week. but you won't notice much at 50 in easton and here in baltimore it's 48 in hagerstown and 46 in oak lan. we have got ourselves cloud cover across the entire state. some rain is in cecil county up towards philidelphia and 95 is wet in that direction. up north side of the beltway 795 and 83 drizzle and wet roads to be fond across the northern tier of maryland. we aim for some breaks in the clouds. but a few spotty showers and two degree guaranteed high of 62. now a check on the roads, kim
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brown. >> reporter: well, we have downed trees in the area blocking some roadways in baltimore city. you will see cold spring lane closed between hillan and harford because of a downed tree and same in lutherville and timonium. keep your eyes open make your way around the area. one accident so far that is at wakefield and bonner road. police are out there. but traffic is moving well around the beltway. no problems on 95, 83, 795 all looking good. no problems on the bw parkway towards the dc area. back to you. >> it's 5:31. there's a lot to tell you about concerning the terrorists threats. first, the u.s. took to the air over pakistan using drones to knockout a camp. from the drones in pakistan to riding the rails at home, here's emily schmidt tore what we have learned over the last couple hours. >> reporter: the heads of the you stades largest mass transit system have been briefed on the overseas threat. in what's called an abundance of caution they are stepping up
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security searchs along amtrak and tightening security in new york city. >> we have done some tactical shifts and changes that we think are appropriate at this time. >> reporter: the travel alert for americans in europe is light on details. heavy on impact. >> i wouldn't say we have specific information about a particular place, a particular time and yet we have i think sufficient information to justify the issuing of the alert. >> reporter: the government's message people should continue with plans to travel to europe burks do so carefully. >> be cautious and be aware that we are following the multiple streams of threat information. >> reporter: fbi and homeland security department officials say there is no sign terrorists are targeting the u.s. or its citizens in the current plot. but the government is take no chances. yesterday, the u.s. attacked a suspended center of the european plot in pakistan. >> people involved in the plotting have been targeted,
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and the others are certainly on the radar of u.s. pakistani and european intelligence services. >> reporter: travelers say they are packing their bags but with a by the more care. >> we know there has been terrorists attacks in the past, so this is nothing to take lightly. >> reporter: the state department says more american travelers are now registering with u.s. embassies about double the usual number monday. emily schmidt, abc news washington. 33 right now. howard county police say three suspects beat a man outside his home this weekend before fleeing officers and crashing on a beltway ramp. the victim talked off camera saying he returned home on his -- to his house on green dory lane when thee guys punched him twice in the back of the head and once in the lip before they took the fight to ground and the victim recalls one man pulling out a gun. and he hand over his wallet with $30 and his cell phone and keys. . >> it's actually quite
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shocking. the worst thing we have in our neighborhood is kids playing in the streets. >> the crime didn't stop there. according to howard county police, the three men jumped in a car with the female accomplice and drove about 20 miles evading police officers and they were trying to stop the car until the driver crashed on the beltway ramp near the holland ferry road exit in baltimore county. all four fled, but police caught up with them near the scene and they face several charges including armed robbery. this morning fred like is mourning the loss of sergeant first class lance vogeller. he was killed during a fire fight in afghanistan. now sandra ashcroft lives next door to lance's family and has known him since he is was four and when his mom and dad left to will be his son's family in georgia, they left a note behind for sandra telling her what happened. >> just a sweet, sweet boy who
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wants to keep our country straight and safe and honest. >> we need people like him don't we. >> yeah, we do. we do. he was like my own. going to miss him so much. >> i think we will all miss him so much. that's quite a statement therefrom sandra. vogeler was nine-year veteran of the army and leaves behind a wife, son and daughter. >> terrifying ordeal the whole thing caught on tape. but we he want to warn outvideo is hard to watch. it's graphic. scary moments during a circus performance in the ukraine a lion trainer is attacked as the crowd looks on. the other worker sprayed water on the lions and the audience was filled request families of young children and many scrambled for the exits. the trainer was taken to a local hospital for treatment. eye hats -- it has been nearly nine long weeks for the
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families of 33 miners trapped underground in chile. a rescue could be just days away. the chilean president says he hopes the men will be rescued by next week before he goes to europe on the unofficial visit. rescue official don't want to give an exact date and say their priority is to rescue the miners quickly, but safely. it's 5:36 right now. school bus accident in georgia leaves one dead and 12 others injured. this morning the mother of a teenage killed talks about how she heard the news. no parent wants to hear. high tech idea to speed up cafeteria lines in one school district is causing controversy. this morning. >> speed up the cafeteria line. let's have a report from mark jones with your mta good morning. >> reporter: good morning. commute looks good if you light rail or metro subway but on the bus numbers 1, 8, 15 and 64 running about 20 minutes late and 35 bus will take diversion at wilkins and brunswick due to a water main break.
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here's true sign that autumn is here. check out the colorful leaves. we are flying over oakland maryland. wait, no. this is minnesota. wait, i am sorry. twin cities area minnesota here. they are about halfway to the peak. but here in our area, our leaves may not be as vibrant because of the high dry summer. and that's where we are going to justin -- is that right. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> we had a hot, dry summer. that's right. i have seen some of the leaves turning in northern baltimore county. and we have had some around the city and further north and west we will start turn things over the next few days with the chilly overnight and lack of sunshine during the day helping to accelerate the process. cloudy skies right now in
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baltimore, 50 degrees. 80% humidity and we have been talking about it appears dry in baltimore city and southbound there are areas of drizzle. and wet roads to our north. if you are traveling up 95 in cecil county and southern new jersey, you will run into more rain. that's where it will be wet north and especially northeast. mostly cloudy skies. a few peeks of sun possible but scattered shower as well this afternoon two degree guaranteed high a warmer 62. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: justin, we are off to a pretty good start this morning in terms of traffic. we do have a couple incidents around the area. one crash in the city that's going to be at wakefield and bonner. you want to see police out there handling that out in west baltimore. also downed trees blocking cold spring lane at harford road. northern parkway is a good alternate and lutherville downed trees blocking the intersection at west sem marchy and they are trying to get that cleared quickly. linda so is out in the field with the latest details on one of the morning's top stories.
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we are 15ments away from six. it's going to look different on the trains this week. and if you are headed somewhere, you are going to want a heads up. abc2 now is linda so is live at penn station to explain. >> reporter: officers on the trains this week. amtrak is going to ramp up security as part of the nationwide operation called rail safe. the high security exercise will happen this friday along amtrak routes throughout the country. local police agencies will also be involved. u.s. official say they have been planning the exercise for a while but it comes at a time when tourists have been put on high alert. the u.s. state department recently issuing a travel alert about possible terror attacks in europe. >> it didn't seem to be specific enough to warrant real worry. and our plans were already made. >> reporter: again, you can expect to see that extra security on trains coming through penn station here this friday. it's part of an effort to keep the rail safe in the u.s. live
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at penn station, linda so, abc2 news. >> it's 5:46. baltimore city councilwoman helen holton has been removed as chairman of the taxation finance and economic development committee. council president jack young made the call after holton plead no contest to campaign finance violation charges and we caught up with her colleagues minutes after they learned of the decision to remove holton as chairman. >>i didn't know about it in advance only a few minutes in advance, but i felt it was the right thing to do and timely. >> this has been like a dark cloud looming for quite sometime. and i believe that she has done a great job doing this -- during this time and it is unfortunate for all of us. >> councilman carl stokes will be elevated to committee chairman. 5:47. jimmy cartter pictures hangs at chipperely fa little italy the last time he was in baltimore when he helped out in sandtown. former president is back and at
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86 and after getting sick last week, he is not slowing down is he sherrie johnson? >> reporter: no not one bit. in fact, after being hospitalized for a stomach flu last week, former president jimmy carter is back at work today helping the poor. mr. carter and his wife roslyn will join city and state officials habitat humanity volunteers for the habitat for humanity jimmy and roslyn carter work project. 86 homes will be built, rehabilitated or repaled in washington, d.c., baltimore and annapolis, st. paul minnesota and brimingham, alabama. they will join volume uners. >> baltimore today to rehabilitate ten house and build ten new homes in annapolis. bessy schedule for someone recently hospitalized. president carter joked about his hospital visit last week. >> i was on vacation and spent two days last week on a vacation in cleveland hospital. and got out quickly because i
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wanteded to be ready for the habitat project. >> that's nice he can joke about it. this is the 27th year the presidential couple has joined local officials and habitat for humanity volunteers to work on the home project. in the studios, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 35:48. in our democracy 2010 coverage, president obama is coming to town. a spokesperson for governor o'malley says the governor has a campaign event with the president scheduled for october 7th this thursday. the details on where the event is going to take place has not been confirmed yet. we will keep you posted. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> good morning. 5:48. we are looked temperatures in the low 50s along the eastern seaboard just at 50 in baltimore. but it's cooler back to our west. we are talking mid-40s and showed some 30 degree readings back towards garrett county. overall, we are under the
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influence of the same storm. aid little farther north you see the back edge of this low pressure sitting there still throwing in a lot of moisture towards new england, new york and all of the states to the north including new jersey and pennsylvania. we get the chill out of that. and the line of rain is stretching from extreme southeastern sections of new jersey up towards philidelphia, and north central pa, there are areas of drizzle in the north side of town. road could be damp this morning but all of nuts chill. and there's clearing to the south, we are right on the edge of the influence of this particular storm, and it's going to be tough to shake the clouds. as you can see, it's dominating most of the eastern seaboard and this is underneath an area of low pressure or trough in the atmosphere. that locks in the jet stream with cooler than normal temperatures. and that's pretty much the reason for this particular weather pattern. it's just stuck more like the pattern that was stuck last week that brought us the heavy rainfall. this should try to get out over the next couple days and improvement expected. but most rain stays to the north in spotty showers that can last
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through tomorrow morning and popping up again into the afternoon. beyond that, the storm departs and we get sun and then we get nice warm temperatures just in time for the weekend. today, our 2 degree guarantee high is 62. and we expect to have morning drizzle and throw in a spotty shower, but if you are lucky you get a couple breaks of sun. tonight, back into the 40s again under mostly cloudy skies and there could be a stray shower through daybreak. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures gets us to 63. 69 on thursday and we will be pushing the lower 70s by friday with sunshine and lows about where they belong in the mid to upper 40s. we will call it 73 on saturday. slightly cooler near 70 on sunday. and dry weather with sunshine and high of 75 to start off early next week. so hang on tight it's going to get a little better after that. now traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: we are in a bit of a holding pattern here for traffic as well. just working the same three events as we start in baltimore city. one crash remains in the west side at wakefield road and bonner road. also downs treed block
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intersection at cold spring lane at down treesed anish your up in luth -- issue up in lutherville. you will see police out there baltimore county crews in an effort to clear that. it could be blocking some lanes at this time. as we look at our cameras, you will find traffic moving very smoothly on all the major roadways. no problems on the beltway, 95, 83, looking in anne arundel county. 97 at route 100, traffic is good in both directions. no problems southbound approaching route 50. northbound lanes look good heading towards 695 baltimore beltway. stay with us because we have more of good morning, maryland, coming back after the break. [ female announcer ] introducing splenda®
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5:55. making news around the nation this morning, police in gainsville florida say a gunman killed himself after shooting one person to death and wounding five others. one witness says that they saw the suspect running through the streets screaming pulling out his hair. he then got in his truck and started to drive and shooting. no word on the motive. in georgia, wanted teen was
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killed what school bus ran into a ditch. 12 others were hilled and the accident happened about 50 miles west of atlanta yesterday. witness the say the bus flipped over a couple of times before it came to a stop. the mother of the teenage who lost his life is overcome with grief. >> he wanted to go to japan and be a artist. it doesn't seem fair. >> how did you heart news? >> over the radio and my sister in law called me and told me she heard about it. we weren't sure until she called me and told me to come effort to house. >> many were treated and released. a high tech idea by the los angeles unified school district is causing controversy. you see the district wants to use a finger scan to save money and speed up cafeteria lines and eliminate problem of forgotten lunch money. >> people knew -- especially at the high school level. no one wanted anyone to know so sometimes they would not eat.
5:56 am
but the great thing about it is that everyone can eat now. every one does eat and they feel good about eating. >> but the aclu and some parents are worried about privacy. officials say unlike a full fingerprint, the machines capture a partial image. and they say each print is discarded and replaced by a number to identify a student for the school year. >> that was tried years ago at horn and horn. no. remember how they had that shrine used to go slow especially by the macaroni and cheese. you're probably thinking of cutting your lawn one more time before the extreme cold weather sets in. >> yeah but we have tips on how to avoid poison ivy. some people might not be thinking about it but you should. we will tell you about coming in contact with it. there was a lot of bacon in the streets of one town. we will go to the roundup.
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now good mornings, maryland. a wife a son and daughter have lost their husband and father. more on the passing of a soldier from frederick. the latest on the terror alert warning all of us about traveling to europe and about riding the rails here at home. and former president and mrs. jimmy carter are here in baltimore today and annapolis this afternoon. at 86, he will show us a thing or two about not slowing down. how about that? good morning, maryland. i am jamie costello. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> let's go to meteorologist justin berk with your weather. >> all right. just about to turn 6:00 and we did it. we got another record. we are so proud. in the last ten days we have set records for record heat, the number of 90 degree days and rainfall, and now for the lowest mam


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